“The Münster recorder player Gudula Rosa is regarded as one of the most successful and dedicated teachers of her subject throughout Germany.” Münstersche Zeitung, 10.1.14

Gudula Rosa is a passionate and successful teacher and her students regularly win numerous national prizes. http://www.gudularosa.de/pdf/Jumu_Ergebnisse_seit_1997.pdf

1998-2004 she taught at the Folkwang Academy of Music, Theatre and Dance in Essen. Presently she teaches at the Westphalian School of Music in Münster and at the Academy of Music Münster.









Tabea Debus (17):


Ronja Vollmari (18):


Trio Amiro:



Theresia Volbers 12 Jahre:


Jonathan Volbers 17 Jahre:


Antonia Brinkman (18):


Yoshiko Klein (19):

Jonathan Debus (13):

Tabea Debus (19):

Trio: Tabea Debus (14)/Yoshiko Klein (18)/Katharina Freitag (18):


Ava Hoffmann (12), Ronja Vollmari (14), Laura Mertens (15), Natalja Wilmer (11):

Jonathan Volbers (16), Christina Jackisch (17):


Furthermore she built an academy for exceptionally talented young musicians in collaboration with the Academy of Music Münster.


Since 15 years she is coaching the YOUNG WESTPHALIAN BAROQUE ENSEMBLE, which  is one of the best baroque youth ensembles of Germany.

 “Baroque Music rediscovered and passionately played by young music talents.” This could be the motto of this highly acclaimed ensemble, which has since its formation in 2000, won numerous prizes and grants. In 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and recently in 2016 the ensemble won the first prize with highest points at the most important German youth competition “Bundeswettbewerb - Jugend musiziert”.

Specialising in late baroque orchestral works and concertos (Bach, Haendel, Telemann, and Vivaldi etc.), this ensemble has won the hearts of audiences through their unorthodox and lively approach to historical playing style with original instruments and bows.

With to date 3 CD productions as well as concert appearances in German television, the ensemble has taken successful concert tours of Ecuador, Brazil, USA, Malaysia, Singapur and France. For the second time the ensemble was invited in 2005 by the German Cultural Foundation and the Goethe Institute to Ecuador after a successful tour the previous year. Charity concerts in Brazil and playing for the poor and homeless in Sâo Paulo were among the most memorable experiences of these tours, demonstrating the power of music in fostering understanding among people of different backgrounds and cultures.

For its top achievements, the ensemble has also won special awards from the German Music Foundation, the Manfred Vetter Foundation, the Sparkassen NRW Foundation, the Telemann MELANTE Foundation and the German Musician Association. The ensemble is jointly trained by Gudula Rosa.