Great performance: Marko Kassl (accordion) and Gudula Rosa (recorder)… an ensemble with virtuosic impetus…” Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine 11.08.15

“… highlight of the concert, a piece by Peter Gahn… Gudula Rosa brings to life this unbelievably virtuosic work.. a firework display of colours and sounds.” Rheinische Post 24.04.15

“Rosa’s favourite pieces bewitch with their brightness and impressive freshness.” Rheinische Post 02.12.14

“The Münster recorder player Gudula Rosa set particularly striking accents, while leading her instrument to incredible caprioles…” Gazette: Neue Musik in NRW - Edition May 2014

“what a world of music Gudula Rosa was able to conjure out of her sopranino recorder, completely admirable…” Lippische Landeszeitung 19.3.14

“Simply breath-taking how Gudula Rosa masters the recorder part, which was only possible due to her brilliant command of the circular breathing technique.”Westfälische Nachrichten 17.3.14

“The Münster recorder player Gudula Rosa is regarded as one of the most successful and dedicated teachers of her subject throughout Germany.” Münstersche Zeitung, 10.1.14

Dreamy and with abundant energy - the German String Philharmonic as guests in the Meldorf Cathedral - “The famous recorder player Gudula Rosa came to Meldorf to perform Telemann’s Suite in A minor for alto recorder, strings and basso continuo. Supported by the unobtrusive accompaniment by the orchestra, she played the multi-faceted suite extraordinarily virtuosically.” Dithmarsche Landeszeitung, 14.5.12

“Whoever has seen her play, knows that recorder music can be anything with her - just not boring and old-fashioned.” Sabine Müller in Münstersche Zeitung, 26.5.10

“This petite woman lured fascinating sounds and noises from the enormous and bulky looking sub-bass recorder with her powerful, yet finely controlled playing… a wonderful evening…” Münstersche Zeitung, 19.6.07

“Rosa convinced with Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto in C major… magnificent playing with a wonderful ensemble.” Neue Rhein Zeitung, 10.10.05

“Gudula Rosa’s fingers flew across the recorder in breath-taking tempo.” Rheinische Post, 10.10.05

“Gudula Rosa - charismatic and with great virtuosity…”Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 03.09.05

“Gudula Rosa proved once more, with her virtuosic playing on various recorders, that she is a master of her craft…” Billerbecker Anzeiger, 22.06.04

“Long Night of Music on campus… Including a world premiere: Il-Ryun Chung’s “Gesang davor” for recorders and bass Koto - an Asian string instrument, which works and sounds like a zither. However, instead of evoking alpine scenery, the Koto player Makiko Goto rather brought a Chinese garden to blossom. In addition, Gudula Rosa on the giant recorders - an excellent feast for the ears.” Münstersche Zeitung, Montag, 14. Juli 2003

“Gudula Rosa left a lasting impression…” Stuttgarter Zeitung, 18.02.02

"Telemann avec grace et fraÎcheur à l'institut ... De ce concert, on retiendra notamment son ouverture, Suite en la mineur pour Flûte à bec donnée par Gudula Rosa qui fait ici montre d'un son boisé à coeur, d'une vivacité de toute délicatesse qui ne cesse d'aller crescendo au fil de sept mouvement élégants voire calins ..." journal d'Orléans/Frankreich, 12.10.02

“Gudula Rosa performs wonders of sound on her recorders…” Dirk Hühner RADIO kultur 12/02

“Fascinating how Gudula Rosa transformed a renaissance alto recorder through various blowing techniques into sounding like a flute from the Far East.” Westfälische Nachrichten, 02.07.01